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A scientific exploratory work is in progress: material about the most famous people of the resort and its surroundings is being collected and organised. 

The average number of visitors of the museum per year is 6,000. They can do the exhibitions, participate in different events and meetings with well-known people of Lithuania and foreign countries.

The Birstonas museum was established in 1967. The base of the exposition – exhibits collected by experts of regional studies of Birstonas secondary school. More than 8,000 exhibits are cumulated in the funds, of which more than 500 are in constant exhibition. The constant exhibition of the museum dates back to 1972 and today it is regularly added and renewed. The exposition is divided into the following sections of development: pre-resort, development of the resort, and post-war resort.

Some of the most interesting and rare exhibits are: a fragment of a wooden pipe, by which mineral water was flowing from springs to convalescent homes in the second half of the 19th century, a metal bathtub of the same period, a carriage that was used to carry holidaymakers between Kaunas and Birstonas, a promotional poster of ‘Birute’ mineral water painted by an artist Mstislav Dobuzinsky, and private things as well as scientific works of a resort doctor Jurgis Venckunas, who started hot mineralised mud healing not only in Birstonas, but in Lithuania as well in 1925.